The Sissy Academy is a completely unique way to discover and enhance your fetish. The Goddess Katharina Academy provides online as well as real time sessions and events.

At the beginning of your sissification process, we will completely transform you by dressing you up and doing your makeup. The Goddess Katharina Academy has a broad selection of dresses, pumps, wigs and make up .

Along with the guidance of elite dominatrixes the school has a selection of equipment available to turn you into the perfect sissy. You can enhance your skills by practicing with our fuck machine and other toys.

Step inside our fantasy world and explore your sissy kink. Let us control your thoughts and change your manhood forever.

Academy members

Headmistress Goddess Katharina

I guide both beginners who want to discover this, aswell as very well trained sissies. When you enter my school you will receive both the rules, that you must apply daily, aswell as my personal guidance in all elements of sissification.